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Bartender wins big in our TCC competition!

On the 29th June, we held a competition at The Cocktail Club in Shaftesbury Avenue in London to see who could make the best cocktail using Crave! The prize of a trip to Ibiza was awarded to James Taylor, from The Cocktail Club in Reading.

There were a total of 6 finalists from The Cocktail Club locations across the UK, each tasked with creating an imaginative concoction using our natural functional drinks. James’ winning cocktail was titled ‘Eat, Sleep, Crave, Repeat’- consisting of a combination of mezcal, pineapple syrup, lime, grapefruit juice, tabasco and a syrup made from our Pineapple & Coconut drink. The drink was served in a coupe glass with a spicy rim, its unique taste and style winning over the judge’s hearts- and taste buds!

Of his victory, James said: “It was such an enjoyable evening, and all the other bartender’s drinks were great as well. Crave’s cocktail-inspired flavours mean that you can have a lot of fun experimenting with flavour combinations. I can’t wait to get to Ibiza with Crave and check out the epic nightlife and hopefully shake up a cocktail or two.”

Our own brand owner, Anita Rae, was one of the judges- alongside The Cocktail Club alumni, Luke Condell, and food and drink writer, Amira Arasteh. The event itself was hosted by Sam Boevy, Head of Training at The Cocktail Club. With DJ Sho playing all night, the atmosphere was filled with good drinks, good music, and good company. See more of DJ Sho by checking out their instagram!