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Introducing Adam Saez (part 2!)

We’re back with part two of our interview with Adam Saez, Fitness Coach and Business Owner. Keep reading for more insights on his lifestyle, and how you can live healthier.

CRAVE: What do you do for fun when you're not working?

ADAM: At the moment I am always working. Recently, my girlfriend got me an xbox- which really brought me back to my childhood. So now, every opportunity I can, I play a game called Halo. To be honest, it’s not a consistent thing; it’s something I just jump on every now and then. For me, I find going to the gym fun. I couldn’t not go to the gym.

CRAVE: What are three things you can’t live without?

ADAM: That’s a big one, actually. Number one is a place to work out, which doesn’t necessarily have to be a gym. Oddly enough, it is for my mental health; a lot of people won’t think that, because my background is more about physique and performance. But, from a health perspective, I can’t go without the gym for too long. If you see me after two weeks without a gym I’ll start going crazy! From a business perspective, and what I want to do for the rest of my life, I need a solid internet connection. That’s not even for video games or youtube or whatever, that’s to run my business. I told my girlfriend that, wherever we move to, those are my two conditions. If I had to choose a third, I guess you could say vegan junk food.

CRAVE: What is one of the benefits of being plant-based that people don't think about?

ADAM: To me, plant based is a diet and veganism is a philosophy. So, veganism can be healthy or unhealthy; it isn’t necessarily correlated to your health. Whenever I talk about veganism, people automatically either say it’s bad or good for your health, but that’s not the point. So when I’m talking about going plant-based, because our business is based around plant power, we’re able to make those connections later on. We can say “hey look, because you’re eating more plant based- you’re helping more animals and the environment.” If I had to say a benefit of being plant-based that people don’t think about, I’d have to come back to what I was saying about my cardiovascular health. There’s plenty of studies to show how you can reduce your inflammation, reduce the strain on your heart and lungs- your cardiovascular health is just going to go through the roof.

CRAVE: What’s your favourite place for a night out?

ADAM: When someone says club, people immediately think of loud, EDM music and a crazy atmosphere. For me, I think of a lounge or a place I can chill out. To be able to hang out with friends, have a conversation, have a drink. That to me, is what I’d call a night out. In the same sort of vicinity, it’s good to have an option to have a dance to loud music. When I go to these clubs and there’s not a single place where I can sit down, have a drink and chill- that’s not for me.